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SSL Duende DSP

Posted by on March 19, 2011

My Lost Highway Studio is equipped with a Solid State Logic Duende Mini. The Duende is basically a Digital Signal Processor which runs the SSL Duende Plug ins. REcently, these have also been released by SSL as the so called SSL Duende Native plug ins. However, since I would like to offload the stress of plugins from my DAW, I run the Duende Mini.

The Duende mini is a compact desktop box and can run up to 128 DSP channels and the mini is also expandable to two boxes attached to one DAW, meaning you can empower your computer to 256 DSP channels.

SSL Duende Mini

SSL Duende Mini

The box can run a multitude of SSL plug ins:

  • EQ & Dynamics Channel
  • Bus Compressor
  • X-Verb
  • X-EQ
  • X-Comp
  • Drumstrip
  • Vocalstrip


Naturally, I have upgraded my SSL Duende to the full spectrum. And I can tell you this… These are one of the best plug ins I have ever used and heard.

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