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Book – Internal Mixing

Posted by on December 30, 2011

I recently purchased the book called “Internal Mixing” written by Friedemann Tischmeyer, subtitled ” How to create a professional mix on your computer – a systematic approach”.

The book is written veryy understandable and has a lot of examples.

Internal Mixing Book CoverThe book is on sale at Amazon 

The reviews are very great. and the book is meant for learning to mix using a DAW, both for beginning and experienced readers. This book provides incredible insights into how to make the most of your system to achieve better sounding, more professional mixes.
The author does a great job of bringing all of the concepts together in any easy-to-understand format and walks you through enhancing several actual mixes using simple, proven techniques. The coverage of the compressors is very detailed and well-illustrated (one of the best I’ve found), and the author does a great job of making the more difficult reverb and delay concepts easy to understand. Even more general concepts are covered, such as how to best organize a large mix and how to create your mixes in less time. A selection of the most common plugins of the various types are also detiled along with the sound qualities they provide.
The author’s primary DAW is Cubase/Nuendo, so those users will get even more out of the book because they can directly apply the techniques and templates to their projects. That said, this is not a tutorial on DAWs. The author spends most of his time on understanding the principles and techniques, as opposed to how to use Cubase or Nuendo.
The Book is well written. Excellent coverage of plugin techniques, enhancing the mix, and workflow. A variety of plugins are detailed (as opposed to some books which only show how to work with a specific vendor’s offerings). Examples are practical and usable in most environments.

However, in order to get the most out of the book, you really need the two DVDs (Internal Mixing Tutorial DVD Vol.1 and Internal Mixing Tutorial DVD Vol.2) in this series. It’s not required to understand the material, but the chapters really are designed to compliment the DVDs rather than replace them. The DVDs can also be ordered as a set: Internal Mixing Tutorial DVD Vol.1&2 Bundle.


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