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New Speakers – KRK VXT6

Posted by on April 9, 2012

After a some years of faithful service, I decided to sell the Tascam VL-X5 speakers. The speakers were ok, but after a number of years I wanted to upgrade the studio. I am convinced that having better speakers gives better performance.

Now, Since I do not have the budget for Dynaudio, I decided to go for the KRK VXT6. Naturally, I realize I could have gone for the smaller VXT4 or the ToKit 6 G2. Well, I think the Rokit series, especially, the G2 series, is very good. However, the VXT series is more for studio work, more neutral work, where the RoKit is more for dance and house productions, I am convinced.

Anyway, this will be the new set, to be delivered soon. I will keep you updated on the performance.


Here is a great review from Sound On Sound.

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