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Richie Sambora Amplifiers

Posted by on January 26, 2014

Many times I wondered which kind of gear Richies used with Bon Jovi. Though I have witten a post on this some time ago, I must admit that Richie does qualify as a “gear wh*re”. This guy… He uses many different kinds of amps, guitars and effect processors. My guess is, Richie has some serious G.A.S..

First of all, there are the amplifiers Richie uses or has used. Here are some impressions to give you some more inspiration. Here is the amp sets Richie used in 2010. The picture was taken in Melbourne, Australia

Richie's 2010 amps in Melbourne

Richie’s 2010 amps in Melbourne

We can see that Richie has used these amps in 2008 already. The picture below was taken back stage at Bristol’s Ashton Gate stadium, UK. Yes, the custom Martin Double Neck in the picture is nice, but that’s not what we are focussing on.

Richie's Amp in the UK 2008

Richie’s Amp in the UK 2008

Now, I also know Richie has endorsed the Blackstar amps. I must say from experience, these are nifty little amps and are great sounding. I have seen Richie play some Blackstar amps here and there, but not on a large scale.

Richie endorses Blackstar

Richie endorses Blackstar

Back in 2006 Richie also played on Diezel amps:

Richie's Diezel Amps 2006

Richie’s Diezel Amps 2006

Richie's Diezel Amps 2006 (2)

Richie’s Diezel Amps 2006 (2)

Here’s a blast from the past where Richie endorses KMD amps. Call me crazy but in Europe I have never seen one, let alone played on one.

Richie endorses KMD

Richie endorses KMD

My guess is that this is Richie’s Ultimate rack (it would be my Ultimate Rack at least.)

Ultimate Rack

Ultimate Rack

I will be adding more to this page alone the way. Feel free to drop me a line (contact form is on the right top hand)







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