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MXR M-300 reverb

Posted by on May 2, 2021

While building a new pedalboard I was in search of the first type of pedal that I always stick on my board: a decent reverb pedal. For years I have been using the Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Nano. This one does the trick every time. But I wanted something different.

Now, the obvious choice was a Boss RV-6. The newest Boss digital reverb. But I wasn’t convinced that this would be my type of reverb. I always want something original as a reverb pedal.

MXR M-300

After seeing one of the nicest commercials I was attracted to the more expensive m-300 reverb pedal by MXR. The carbon copy was a good choice as well.

The m300 delivers six distinct exquisitely crafted reverb styles, a hi-fi analog dry path with a massive 20 volts of headroom, and numerous other features to tailor your reverb sound.

The PLATE setting provides a shimmering smooth wash of space that’s a go-to choice from the studio recording world. SPRING sets a new standard for truly authentic sounding reverb without coiled metal—a perfect recreation of the classic amp-based effect, with the Tone control taking you from dark vintage amp spring, through classic jangle, to bright surfy splatter. EPIC is a unique combination of multiple interwoven analog-tone delay lines and complex modulation—perfect for solos from that more shaded part of the lunar landscape. MOD throws down a plate-flavored spaciousness with richly organic modulation in the feedback path. The ROOM style adds subtle body and projection to your guitar tone at shorter decay times while longer decay times yield rich organic space that doesn’t wash out. PAD closes out the line-up with a unique combination of sub-octave + octave-up with echoes + “shimmer” + synth/organ modulation + reverb.

My overall view on this pedal is that the tone can easily be used in a subtle manner, or with a huge dose. For example, I use the pedal with a Victory VX-100 super kraken. Even on the rhythm channel I have some plate reverb mixed in. You can dose the amount pretty well and especially in a full band setting it doesn’t strike me as too much that quickly.

My overall conclusion, and also based on reviews, was that the m300 sounds slightly more organic than the boss. The only major downside is that the pedal requires a massive 240 mA. This means I had to upgrade my power supply on my board. Oh well, this enabled me to get an isolated power supply for a better sound quality.

Here is the link to the manual. If you are looking for a good reverb pedal in a small no nonsense format, which not only looks great but provides the best reverb sounds I have heard, don’t look further.

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